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September 22, Sunday, 2 PM
Lecture: ‘Against the Tide: Prohibition on Land and at Sea, 1919-1933', with Pierce Rafferty, Henry Fergusom Museum. --at the Custom House.
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Boat Tour to Fishers Island & the Henry L. Ferguson Museum Saturday, October 5.

New London's 1833 Custom House has always looked out onto the harbor. It was built when the city was the world's 2nd leading whaling port. The Amistad arrived here in 1839. Electric Boat, which developed some of our earliest submarines, launched the first nuclear-powered sub, the Nautilus, here in 1954. 

From the roof of the Custom House Maritime Museum, today's harbor landmarks include three lighthouses, a 19-c fort, a US Coast Guard  station, and active submarine factory. There are ferries, tugs, tankers, submarines, tall ships, fishing boats, and dinghies. Summer brings weekly waterfront events, among these SailFest in July (with spectacular fireworks), and the CT Maritime Heritage Festival in September.  

You never know what you'll discover in New London harbor. Now, with our New London Harborcam, everyone who loves the waterfront can keep watch on the scene. And when you're in town, be sure to stop by the Custom House Maritime Museum to learn more about our local maritime history and New London's harbor sites.
Rewatch New London's SailFest fireworks
Jibboom Club #1
Tues, Sept. 17, 1:30 PM .

Ship pilot Joe Maco will discuss Containerization.

Save the date: Long Island Sound
Lighthouse Conference Nov. 9-10.