The program encourages those receiving food assistance (SNAP) benefits to visit the Museum for free. There is no limit to how many times a person can visit, and the free admission is good for up to four people per visit with the presentation of a SNAP Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card. 
We Stand With Black Lives Matter
New London Maritime Society stands with others for equity and justice, and in denouncing racism, intolerance, and exclusion. We will pursue cultural consciousness throughout our organization through substantive learning and transparent policies. We will dismantle any inequities within our policies, programs, and services; and we will commit time and resources to expand more diverse leadership within our board, staff, and advisory bodies.
The Custom House Maritime Museum strives to be a place where the entire community can learn from our shared history in order to build a more just & compassionate future.

NLMS acknowledges that the land, Nameeg, meaning fishing place, is the territory of the Western Nehântick, Mohegan, and Pequot, who have stewarded this land for generations.
To quote Joseph Pierce: A land acknowledgment is not enough. The land exists regardless of settler acknowledgment, which can only ever be the first step toward meaningful action. Next steps involve building relationships with that land as if it were your kin. Because it is. 

Our monthly OpenMic welcomes performers of all kinds. Share your original music, poetry, prose, stand-up, or just say what is on your mind. Bring your bongos. Perform, join in, or just enjoy. Admission by donation.
Marcus Milukas
Northeast Aerial Imaging 
Saturday., September 14
Take our  excursion to Fishers Island  to view the 2019 exhibitions 'Against the Tide: Prohibition on Land and at Sea, 1919-1933', and 'The English Springer Spaniel on Fishers Island', both curated by Pierce Rafferty, at the Henry L.Ferguson Museum. A light lunch will be provided.

We thank our Friends and Sponsors
ARPA - Bodenwein Foundation - Chelsea Groton Foundation - Community Foundation of Eastern CT - CT Humanities - CT Department of Economic and Community Development, Office of the Arts - Eleven+ - Frank Loomis Palmer Fund - Maco Family Fund - Robinson+Cole - State of CT - SVOG U.S. Small Business Administration - Veolia / NL Water Authority.

New London Maritime Society (NLMS) CUSTOM HOUSE MARITIME MUSEUM  l  150 Bank Street  l  New London, Connecticut  06320  l  860-447-2501  l   email
                                                U.S. Customs in New  
                                                A history of the Customs 
                                                service and its influence on
                                                the Port of New London, 

                                                The museum's most 
                                                important artifact may well 
                                                be the building, itself. 
                                                Built in 1833 as New London's 
                                                U.S Custom House, designed 
                                                by architect Robert Mills. 
                                                NL's Custom House 
                                                opened in 1835. The
                                                building has been the 
                                                museum's home since 1983.

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The Custom House Maritime Museum - your local, independent, community museum - open year-round - telling the stories of New London's waterfront!
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Support NL Maritime Society
Saving our local maritime heritage sites through education, advocacy, & preservation.
New London Maritime Society is a New London-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. You may make a donation online (above), or by mail.
 New London Maritime Society - open year-round
   your local, independent, community museum,
   telling the stories of New London's waterfront.

             150 Bank Street, New London, CT 06320

General admission $7. Children to age 18 - free! 
Free for NLMS members, New London students & their families (with local ID), USCG cadets, active-duty military & their families, visitors with SNAP EBT card. If you require accommodations due to a disability please email us to discuss your needs. The request should be provided with enough time to reasonably set up the accommodation.  

The Custom House is open Wednesday through Sunday, from 1 to 5 PM, Wednesdays and Saturdays we open at 10AM. We practice COVID-19 safety. 
​                               The History of Race Rock Lighthouse This video 
                               directed by Marisela La Grave and Pierce Rafferty 
                               chronicles the remarkable story of how a lighthouse came 
                               to be erected in the 1870s on a dangerous submerged 
                               ledge amidst some of the most unpredictable and swiftest 
                               moving tides on the East Coast.                              

                              Tannia Hotchkiss donates a model of the Amistad
​                               made by her father Wesley Akin Hotchkiss.

​                              Claudia Kenyon spoke at the December 2021  
                              JIBBOOM CLUB meeting. Claudia Kenyon's Tales of the New London Waterfront. - Louis & the Gulf Weed Claudia's family has been on the water for generations -- both in New London and the French West Indies -- one relative working for the TA Scott Company at the time of the infamous Deutchland submarine incident. She shares her stories at a Jibboom Club gathering, November 16, 2021.

The US Lighthouse Service and Women Lighthouse Keepers, Illustrated Lecture with historian Mary Rasa. March 28.2021.

SHIPWRECKED, Coastal Disasters and the Making of The American Beach,with author Jamin Wells. January 31, 2021
AMISTAD: A True Story of Freedom -- a permanent exhibition at the site of the original Amistad events of 1839.​

Kids Ahoy! Tracing the Nautical Influence on Children's Clothing, Toys, and Entertainment ​
Vintage Dive Helmets 
​​from two private collections: Jay Kane and Ed Uditis
View Online Exhibitions
of New London Maritime History 
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Contact Us
Contact Us

In everything we do, we work to support our community.  
In 1983 NLMS was formed by citizens who who stopped an impending federal sale and kept NL's US Custom House intact & accessible.  That's still who we are.
We believe in preserving our community's historic maritime structures. We believe in defending access to our local landmarks. We believe in free museum admission for New London students & their families!
Today we run a local maritime history museum, provide a free education program in NL Public Schools, and preserve the custom house and three lighthouses.
2022 the Year of the Lighthouse

The Year of the Lighthouse has been a success, with tours to Race, Ledge, Harbor & Little Gull - a film premiere - a puppet play - we even washed the lighthouse!
Here are some staggering statistics:

New London Harbor Light: We completed landscaping at Harbor Light this summer with a $60,000 state Good-to-Great grant; 101 people toured the lighthouse - of these 32 were NL students + family funded by Veolia/NL Water Authority $5 tickets. A bench was donated in memory of Marie Elena Noawk. We washed Harbor Light in September, with a Go-Fund-Me campaign. A $10,000 donation from Louise Novitch will allow NLMS to finish the entrance gate.

Race Rock: Architecture firm Modern Ruins released their final building assessment/preservation plan in June; July had a film premiere of The History of Race Rock, sponsored by the Henry Ferguson Museum with 300 attending on Fishers Island - we've raised $15,000 in donations so far. Eighteen visitors toured inside Race Rock Lighthouse. NLMS received $100,000 for preservation repairs from the Ludwick Family Foundation.

New London Ledge Light: Ledge Light Foundation, which has overseen repairs since 1987, received $100,000 from the state Port Authority. NLMS brought 256 people to visit inside the lighthouse - among these 51 were NL students + family with $5 tickets funded by Veolia/NL Water Authority. Cracks appeared which may indicate structural decay; in November, NL Maritime Society launched a Go-Fund-Me campaign to raise $10,000 for an architectural assessment/restoration plan from Modern Ruins for Ledge Lighthouse.

With the Little Gull Foundation, NLMS brought the first public tours -- 54 people -- to visit Little Gull Island and Lighthouse.

NLMS and 100 friends toasted Inn owner Alwyn Christie and former City Development Director Ned Hammond at a fundraiser at NL’s Lighthouse Inn in September.

NLMS brought Arm-of-the-Sea Theater’s lighthouse puppet play Keep That Lamp Trimmed N’ Burning to Hygienic Park for a free family performance in September as part of the CT Maritime Heritage Festival, with a grant from the NL Cultural District.

​EXHIBITIONS​ now on view 
Our MUSEUM SHOP offers all kinds of unique gifts.  We have an extensive selection of books on maritime, local history, Freedom, and lighthouse topics. See what's NEW

Our gifts have an extra feel good factor: when you shop with us, your purchases support the museum exhibitions & educational programs. Photos: sardine table mats.
We're happy to report that the Museum has joined Museums for All to encourage people of all backgrounds to visit museums regularly and build lifelong museum-going habits. 
The NL HarborCam is our 24/7 eye on the harbor. 
Take a look! 
We've had 4,100,000  views! 
Get NOAA weather from Ledge Light.
Come 'on! Visit inside New London Harbor Lighthouse!

Book a tour online or email to schedule. 
We give tours year-round!
Meet at the lighthouse, then climb 116 steps to the lantern room -- all the while learning about the 261-year history of Harbor Light, one of the oldest lighthouses in the country, and the tallest on Long Island Sound. The views at the top are spectacular!​
Sunday, May 28, 6-9 PM    
Open Mic at the Museum
​Open Mic meets on the last Sunday of the month at the beautiful Custom House Maritime Museum. Co-hosted by Kenny "Doc" Frazier and Christina Corcoran, our monthly open mic welcomes music, poetry, prose, stand-up or just say what is on your mind. Open to all ages and abilities for fun and camaraderie! Free.
Saturdays & Sundays at 11:45 or by appointment.
Visit Inside New London Harbor Lighthouse!  
We give tours year-round!  Sign up today!
Tuesday, May 16, 1:30 PM

National Maritime Day is coming up this May 22. Last year's speaker at the ceremony was ship pilot Joe Maco. Joe will be our JIBBOOM speaker at JIBBOOM on Tuesday, May 16, at 1:30 PM. 
Joe writes that his presentation will be an overview of his involvement as a pilot in New London Harbor's maritime activities for over 40 years. The involvement also of any of our guests in the audience will enhance the presentation. The importance of the maritime perspective of New London and Groton for our economic well being, as well as our national security. Joe will also discuss National Maritime Day, and the memorials to our fallen heroes.
Donors: William Adler, Brian Barry, Lloyd Beachy, Andrew Champagne, Ann Corcoran, Sherman Crites, Crocker's Boatyard, Elizabeth Day, Laurie Deredita, Greg Feldman, Patrick Greany, John Hage, Elizabeth Hopkins, Andrew Houlding, Henry Hoyt, Roberta Hoyt, Benjamin Hyde, Timothy Jackson, Gregg Jacobson, Susan Kelly, David Kelsey, Edwin Kendall, Karen Krohn, Ledge Light Health District, The Maco Family Fund, Kenneth Mahler, Maw Family Fund, Jesse McAnally, James McGuire, Jennifer McNeil, Timothy Norris, Richard Pittenger, Alison S Roby, Jaime Shaw, Andrea Skiff, Walter Sedovic, Harry Smith, Susan A Smith, Barbara Tamulevich, Susan Tamulevich, Barbara Timken, William Tuttle, Vivie Von Walstrom, Todd Williams, and 'Ernie The Lighthouse Keeper'.
Help Fund a Preservation Plan for New London Ledge Light!